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A Quick Guide to Launching Your Own SMM Panel and Maximizing Profits with AnonSMM

A Quick Guide to Launching Your Own SMM Panel and Maximizing Profits with AnonSMM


December 20, 2023
Learn how to start earning money with your own SMM panel using This quick guide covers the essentials, from registration to customization, and includes advanced features for maximum profits.

In this brief guide, we'll walk you through the essentials of starting your own SMM panel using For a more detailed tutorial, check out our comprehensive guide Own SMM Panel.

Step 1: Register and Deposit

Get started by registering on and you should have money to invest as you have to cover your $39 monthly reseller panel rent and the services you want to resell. Want the full scoop? Explore our detailed tutorial Own SMM Panel.

Step 2: Rent Your Reseller Panel

Head to the Reseller Panel section, click "Rent a Panel," and subscribe for just $39 a month.

Step 3: Quick Setup Overview

After subscribing, swiftly set up your panel by entering admin credentials, configuring your domain, and choosing your currency.

Step 4: Customize Your Reseller Panel

Make the AnonSMM admin dashboard yours by changing colors, using captivating landing pages, and enabling unique features. Check out our step-by-step guide Own SMM Panel for a deeper dive.

Step 5: Pricing and Profit

Dive into the admin panel to set prices and profit margins. Explore advanced features like editing landing pages, integrating payment gateways, and more. For a more detailed walkthrough, refer to the comprehensive tutorial on


Congratulations! You've launched your SMM panel with the best smm panel. For a deeper understanding and detailed steps, dive into our comprehensive guide Tutorial Own SMM Panel.