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Exchange your Crypto with NO KYC

Our No KYC Crypto Exchange Widget

Navigate to the crypto exchange page on where the swap widget is available. Click on the widget to open it and begin the swapping process. By following these three simple steps, you can efficiently utilize our no kyc crypto exchange swap widget to swap between the available 4,578 coins, whether using the normal swap mode or DEX swap mode.

Selecting the Swap Mode

Choose between the normal swap mode or the DEX (Decentralized Exchange) swap mode based on your preference. If opting for the normal swap mode, select the currencies you wish to swap from and to, along with the amount. If selecting the DEX swap mode, ensure you have connected your wallet that supports decentralized exchanges. Then, select the cryptocurrencies you want to swap from and to, and enter the desired amount.

Completing the Swap

Review the swap details including the exchange rate, fees, and estimated completion time. Confirm the swap transaction. Once confirmed, the exchange will process your transaction. Monitor the transaction status until it is completed. Upon completion, the swapped coins will reflect in your wallet or trading account.